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Lisbon Training Workshop on Quantum Technologies in Space, 11-14 September, 2017


The Lisbon Training Workshop is organized in the context of, and is supported by, the COST Action "Quantum Technologies in Space" (QTSpace, CA15220).

The Lisbon Training Workshop aims at establishing a common ground in know-how and expertise in state of the art developments by providing tutorials as well as hands-on training on the broadly defined topics of quantum communication, quantum-enhanced measurements, and tests of the foundations of physics. A Special Evening Lecture will be held on Wednesday 13 September by Mark Kasevich (Stanford University).

This pedagogical setting will set the stage to further the discourse between a wide variety of stake holders in space agencies and space industries as well as scientists from several scientific communities that have been pushing towards space applications of quantum technology in the recent past like quantum communication, atom intermerometry, atomic clocks, quantum optomechanics and high-mass matter-wave interferometry.

These central topics will be covered in the scientific workshop held in the afernoon. In additon, there will be presentations by stake holders from space industry and space agencies, and there will be several panel discussions on exciting new developments in the field.

The unique combination of tutorials, training sessions and a scientific workshop will provide a perfect setting for networking among Early Career Investigators, leading scientists as well as stake holders from space agencies and space industry. The COST action "Quantum Technologies in Space" (QTSpace, CA15220) brings together a variety of communities from space agencies and industries as well as stake holders from the field of quantum technology.

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