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Lisbon Training Workshop on Quantum Technologies in Space, 11-14 September, 2017


Hotels near Instituto Superior Técnico, less than 5 minutes walk:
- Holiday Inn Lisbon
- Turim Alameda Hotel

Hotels near Saldanha (red and yellow subway lines), around 10 minutes walk:
- Hotel White Lisboa

- Hotel Olíssipo Saldanha

- Evolution Lisboa Hotel

- Patria Hotel

- Hotel Imperador

- VIP Executive Saldanha Hotel

- Hotel Zenit Lisboa

- Hotel Ibis Lisboa Centro Saldanha

- São Pedro Lisbon Hotel

Hotels near Alameda (red and green subway lines), around 10 minutes walk uphill:
- Hotel A S Lisboa
- Hotel dah Dom Afonso Henriques

Hotels near S. Sebastião (red and blue subway lines), around 15 minutes walk:
- Hotel Príncipe Lisboa
- Sana Reno Hotel

- Hotel Alif Avenidas
- Hotel Olíssipo Marquês de Sá

- Sana Executive Hotel

- Hotel Real Parque

Hotels near Campo Pequeno (yellow subway line):
- Hotel Alif Campo Pequeno

- Jupiter Lisboa Hotel

- Holiday Inn Lisbon - Continental

- Turim Ibéria Hotel

- Hotel 3K Europa

- VIP Executive Zurique Hotel

- Hotel Capital Lisbon

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